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African Resort

When you think of luxury destinations, Africa may not come to mind first but it should definitely be considered.

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Crypto currencies

An innovative payment network and a new kind of money, stay on top of Bitcoin and other top cryptocurrency prices, news, and market information.

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Business Deals

Advice, insight, profiles and guides for established and aspiring entrepreneurs worldwide.

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Outdoor Dance

An outdoor event where young people of different backgrounds come together to have a great time, with good vibes and show case their dancing skills.

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Outdoor Street Sound

The outdoor sound harmonized by a group of three musician are extremely amusing to stop by to listen, it's intriguing sound is perfect.

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African Rhinos

Rhinos can look like ancient animals, and they date back to the Miocene period for millions of years, but they are just like other mammals. .

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Umbrella Project

These pop-up shade structures have become an annual summertime installation since the Umbrella sky project began, and they have developed a worldwide cult following.

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Street B Ball

Streetball is a variance of basketball, typically played in outdoor courts, with a much less hierarchical system and regulation of the game's rules.

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Traffic Light Zebra Crossing

A zebra crossing comprises a collection of black and white stripes colored along a highway (a bit like a zebra marking). There are also round, amber-colored lights on both sides of Zebra crossings mounted on black and white-striped poles.

Video Media

Indabosky Bahose...Prophet Odumeje

SWF Media

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