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You favorite Trends of the Season, or the least favorite ones May 22, 2020
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More Hats! Fashion is a highly visual industry that explains why Instagram is the style lovers' social network of choice. Yet online fashion material is much more popular than what people post on social media. Blogging was also a small market.

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Come up with outfits for a special occasion (Vacation, Party, Girls Weekend,…), May 13, 2020
Men in Hats

Hats!There are several premium design blogs that feature predictably high-quality images of the latest trends in fashion. For those mornings that you open your wardrobe door with your mind in a blank, most fashion blogs are full of inspiration. They make your online research into what's hot this year an perfect place to start before you head out to buy your own outfits.

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Overview of Current Online Sales and favorite pieces available, April 17, 2020

Dont miss! The runway in New York City this weekend is gonna be legendary!

It aims to be a real-style and real-life destination every day. Carmen is curating the bog, with help from a team of other fashion identities. It showcases several of the world's coolest women, showing the costumes they wear on a frequent basis.


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